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The Other Side Academy is a school where our students learn vocational, pro-social, and life skills so they can succeed on “the other side”.  It is a school where our students can learn marketing skills, business skills, and gain experience in various trades.  It is a school where our students learn how to make and keep promises and how to live life with integrity, accountability, and with love.  Our students will have the opportunity to working in our various vocational training schools, such as The Other Side Movers and Promise Land Food.  Our school is for men and women who have hit rock bottom, usually from a lifetime of addiction and criminal behavior, who now want to learn a better way to live. The Other Side Academy is available for these men and women pre- and post- sentencing and those within the jails and prisons within the state of Utah as well as those convicts, substance abusers, homeless and others who walk in off the street.

The Other Side Academy is a place for those who want to make a better life for themselves and who are willing to put in the work to change their destructive behaviors.  It’s a place where they will be supported by those who have come before them and where they will be expected to support those who come after them; a place where “as A helps B, A gets better.” It’s a place where honesty is at the core of everything we do and where hard work, especially on ourselves, pays off. The Other Side Academy is a place where the most lost among us can change our lives to a life free from addiction, crime and destruction and full of honesty, empathy, and accountability.

The Other Side Academy is not a Drug Rehab, a group home, or correctional facility.  We don’t talk about drugs.  We don’t offer any 12 step or other like program.  We don’t have counselors or therapists or doctors on staff.  We are a school where our students practice living pro-social behaviors, such as being honest, being accountable, and making and keeping committments every day until living that way becomes part of their nature and so they can then choose not to do the destructive and toxic behaviors of the past.


We are looking for someone who is ready to make a 2-year commitment to change their life. If they don’t have that desire, then this is not the program for them. We don’t accept sex offenders, arsonists or “dual diagnosis” applicants. We believe those individuals need special counseling that we don’t offer. We don’t accept applicants requiring psychological medication because we don’t have a medical staff to adequately and properly monitor those needs.

Since we operate a high paced, physically demanding environment our participants must be in reasonably good health to be fully engaged in the program and be able to keep pace with the rigorous schedule.

We accept male and female participants ranging from 18 to 64 years of age, without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or physical handicap.