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1. Why do you consider The Other Side Academy a school?

2. How does The Other Side Academy compare to a typical rehab center?

3. In simplest form, what is the concept behind the program?

4. What is the typical education level of people when they arrive?

5. What skills will students learn before they leave?

6. Does The Other Side Academy provide Detox Services?

7. Is The Other Side Academy a Recovery Residence?

8. What does daily life look like for our Students?

9. What happens at the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior stages?

10. What happens in the Senior Workout Phase?

11. What is life like after graduation?

12. How much does it cost to become a student?

13. What will get you kicked out of The Other Side Academy?

14. Is it only for prisoners?

15. What makes The Other Side Academy different from reeducation facilities in the past?

16. What are the core rules once you’ve been admitted?

17. What are the living arrangements like initially?

18. What are you doing for work?

19. What are the businesses run at The Other Side Academy?

20. What kind of business skills do they learn?

21. What kind of communication skills do they learn?

22. Who manages who?

23. Who’s in charge?

24. What are the grooming standards?

25. What do you do with lazy people?

26. Why are there no guards?

27. Why don’t you give second chances on violence?

28. Why are there few drug tests at The Other Side Academy?

29. Who do I talk to if I have a desire to become a student?

30. Who from the state decides if a prisoner can become a student?

31. Are there racial tensions?

32. How does the success rate at at a reeducation facility compare to prison success rates?

33. What are the dating policies?

34. What do you do about religious divisions?

35. What happens when someone gets kicked out and wants to return?

36. What is the process for asking people to leave?

37. Tell me about Alan

38. Tell me about Dave

39. Tell me about Lola

40. Can the students leave the campus without permission?

41. What if I have a friend or loved one I’d like to advocate for?

42. What kind of friends do you make there?

43. Why are you the right person for this job?

44. Why do people stay after their two years are up?

45. Can someone come and see the program in action?

46. What are you looking for in a prospective student?

47. What goes on in the judicial system when someone leaves without permission?

48. What happens in an interview with a prospective student?

49. What is the plan if this is successful in Utah?

50. What percentage of the total prison population do you feel your program could help?

51. Why is this a worthy cause for donors?

52. Why isn’t the current prison system working?

53. Why isn’t the current rehab system working?

54. If a this model is so successful, why don’t they send everyone there instead of prison?

55. What is the definition of success?

56. Haven’t these people burned their bridges enough already?

57. Why business as a part of your model?