We are now accepting applications for The Other Side Academy!

You can apply to enroll in 2 ways:

Come in person.

Come to our campus located at:

667 E 100 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

When you come, you can request an interview. No appointment is necessary.  If you are accepted, you will begin your stay right then.  There is no fee to attend the Other Side Academy.

Request an interview

If you are incarcerated, you need to write us a letter asking for our help.  We will need to know a little bit about your story and why you are wanting to change. We will go interview you in jail and if we accept you, we will provide to you a letter of acceptance that you can share with your attorney in hopes of swaying the Judge to direct you to The Other Side Academy.

If you are a family member, spouse, significant other, friend, or neighbor and you know of someone who needs this level of help, know that the person you love and care about needs to be the one to ask us for help.  It is important for them to ask us directly and we won’t be able to accept requests from someone in their behalf.  You are still welcome to contact us with questions or to facilitate the interview, but an important part of this process is that the person needing help has to want to do this and needs to ask for help themselves.