As we grow, we will have many success stories of our graduates and their amazing accomplishments.  But until then, we will share evidences of growth among our students.  Here is a recent experience:

Together, we rescue each other.

Recently, early one snowy morning, a woman was driving on the road in front of The Other Side Academy, slid out and got stuck in a snow bank. She tried and tried to get unstuck, but alone, she was unable to get out. That’s when six Angels appeared from heaven and got her unstuck and back on the path… It’s what we do.

If you are stuck, unable to get out of the destructive and toxic life you are living, if your wheels keep spinning and you are unable to escape the cycle of addiction, crime, and incarceration, then we can help.

Come, be part of our community and let us help rescue you as you help rescue us. Let us teach each other how to live life successfully and be able to gain traction and purpose in life, so we can get on the path to a fulfilling and satisfying life. It’s what we do.